Savage Jerky Co.

‘Savage Jerky Co’ was born out of frustration. Whilst on a cross country road trip back in the summer of 2013, the Savage Jerky team we’re on the hunt for a meaty snack, but gas station after gas station failed to deliver nothing but mediocre, dry and often bland varieties of beef jerky. Annoyed, they set out to learn everything they could about beef jerky  and fulfill their goal of creating a flavorful, spicy snack that wasn’t terrible for you and didn’t contain ingredients that belong in a lab instead of a kitchen.

After 2 years of hard labour, experimentation and a successful Kickstarter campaign – which raised over $20k in 30 days – they have a great business and an excellent product selection.

The best place to start is the ‘MOJO’ range, which begins with traditional (Garlic, Lime & Cilantro) and gently evolves to Jalapeno and Habanero. The next stage is to explore the ‘SRIRACHA’ selection with ‘Bacon’, ‘Sweet BBQ’ and ‘Teriyaki’ – then you can graduate onto the likes of ‘Maple Bacon’ and ‘Ghost Pepper Buffalo’.

Check out the range below and for more info on the Savage Jerky Co head to SAVAGEJERKY.COM.