Biohacking With Bullet Proof Coffee – Munchies

Dave Asprey is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee – the diet where you lob a bunch of butter in your coffee…Except its not that simple, there is a great deal of research behind it all apparently. Applying his tech background to his own health journey, Dave has spent over $300,000 working to hack his own biological makeup.

Munchies recently took a trip out to Dave’s Biohacking facility outside of Victoria, British Columbia, to learn more about what Dave actually means by “hacking your own body” and the possible benefits of leading a Bulletproof lifestyle.

Dave comes across as a charismatic guy and someone who at least has his heart in the right place (health), but at the same displays many traits of someone who has started to believe their own hype. Few of his claims are backed up by controlled medical testing, just his own ‘feeling better’ and whilst they have an internal logic, his overuse of buzzwords regarding ‘toxins’ etc smack of other scammy sounding diets been peddled at present like “Thin tea” etc.

Check out the video below and you can make your own mind up, for more info head to MUNCHIES.TV.