Death Wish Coffee Co

Do you have a death wish? Well, Death Wish coffee isn’t here to provide you with heart racing leaps off of tall buildings or a fight with a bear, it does however aim to give you the strongest coffee you’ve ever had – so strong it’ll probably make you a little bit high.

Utilising a well researched blend of beans and a special roasting process Death Wish/Saratoga Coffee Traders’ owner Mike Brown finally has a product to serve for the many drowsy morning requests he gets for “the strongest thing you got…”

Initially launching the blend in his Saratoga shop, Mike soon realised he was onto something special, after assembling a team, he now has a fully fledged supply company in Death Wish Coffee and an ever growing collection of some of the worlds most unique and powerful blends.

Check out DEATHWISHCOFFEE.COM for more info.