WTF: PissingInThePunchbowl, IzyHossack, 312food + More

W.T.F aka “Who.To.Follow” is our weekly guide to the best social profiles, blogs and people on the internet. The tastemakers, image hoarders, gif makers and damn right cool folks of the world that ‘get’ food & drink culture.

Here’s four Instagram accounts were enjoying this week…


The feed of Brooklyn based photographer Marcus Nilsson – Not always 100% food related, but always 100% awesome.


Formerly “topwithcinnamon” on Insta, but still food blogging from TOPWITHCINNAMON.COM, 19 year old Izy Hossack is studying Food Science & Nutrition and documenting her journey through food.


A photo posted by Chicago Food 🍴 (@312food) on

Dedicated to supporting Chicago based restaurants & chefs. All local, all day. Extra love for this one, as Chicago is starting to become my second home.


Self described as a “Professional Nomad by heart, Craft Beer Wanker by night”. Sihan Lee’s feed mixes indulgent food and tasty beverages.

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