Pizza Boxes Might Cause Cancer

Can we go a week without something awesome getting linked to something terrible? Well, according to the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration), three types of “perfluoroalkyl ethyl” a common chemical which makes paper containers more resistant to oil and water might be causing serious harm – so they’ve banned them. In its announcement of the ban, the FDA explained “there is no longer a reasonable certainty” that these chemicals coming into contact with food wouldn’t lead to health complications.

You can find the chemicals in plenty of food storage solutions, like bags of microwave popcorn, sandwich wrapping, wax-paper products and most importantly the insides of pizza boxes.

The ban will come into force soon and is explained in full over at Grubstreet. Does this mean the end for takeaway pizza? Probably not, we’ll just have to deal with a slightly greasier box and the cheese might stick a bit more.