W.T.F aka “Who.To.Follow” is our weekly guide to the best social profiles, blogs and people on the internet. The tastemakers, image hoarders, gif makers and damn right cool folks of the world that ‘get’ food & drink culture.

Here’s four cocktail themed Instagram accounts were enjoying this week…


“Cocktail maker and photo taker” Elana’s feed is filled with tasty looking cocktails and snippets from her daily adventures, all recipes can also be found at STIRANDSTRAIN.COM


Natalie Migliarini of BEAUTIFULBOOZE.COM is a… home bartender, cocktail stylist, photographer, freelance writer, recipe developer, and professional party planner based out of Seattle, WA – and if that wasn’t enough, she’s curates one hell of a boozy Instagram feed.


Only the best drinks and bars from the Big Apple – also blogging from THIRSTYNYC.COM


All original photos accompanied by detailed recipes on TUXEDONO2.COM, they upload one new cocktail every week and deserve way more attention they currently get. Great photos, great blog.

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