Colborne Bota – How Wine Was Meant to be Carried

Have you ever carried wine with you outside your house? For a hike or a picnic? It probably involved glass bottles & plastic cups. While travelling in Spain design firm Colborne found that the Spanish have had a much better way to carry wine for a long time: the bota bag (or wineskin). Botas are how wine was meant to be carried, and to top it off they look amazing.

Bota Bags are an important part of Spanish culture – from festivals to bull fighting. Traditionally they are made from goat leather and lined with a natural plant resin for waterproofing. Modern botas, like the Colborne Bota still utilise the leather exterior but opt to use latex liners for prolonged life.

The project is currently on Kickstarter and has successfully been funded, there’s five days left on the campaign, so act fast and you can still grab one before they sell out of the initial run.

For more info check out the video below or head to COLBORNEBAG.COM