“Worst Subway Sandwich Possible” – Reddit x Subway

This week Reddit user ‘Mister_Scorpion’ took to the ‘Ask Reddit’ sub to challenge everyone to come up with the worst possible Subway sandwich possible. Showing a complete dis-regard for his own sanity and health, he further promised to consume the most up-voted creation. Initial there was only one rule, you can only pick from actual subway ingredients, but eventually he had to add some more –

  1. It must have one kind of meat
  2. Any salads and extra meat/ cheese are fair game. Except red onion, allergic.
  3. Only 2 kinds of sauces max plz. That’s the limit at my local store. Also I don’t want to die.

Well, after 10,000+ comments, here’s some of the absolute worst…

[Image from fellow Reddit user ‘MindOfAnEnt’ – who tried a few]