5 x Awesome… Travel Instagram Accounts

The best bars & restaurants or 8 places to visit before you die or just things on a list. We’ve all read the piles of lists that float around the web all claiming to be definitive guides to everything from holiday destinations to Pokemon. Well, you’re about to read some more (hopefully).

The idea behind the Grills & Spills ‘Checklists‘ are that I offer however many pretty damn cool versions of whatever we’re talking about. No particular order, no bias, just good things I’ve seen, tried, loved and think you’ll also love.

So, what’s on todays list? Well, with the summer drawing to a close and travel plans winding down for the winter months, I thought it would be a good time to check out my favourite travel Instagram accounts. Something to keep you dreaming during the cold weather and to help with your plans for next summer.

travel instagram


Take one bright orange 1976 VW bus, one Rachel, one James and a whole load of nomadic optimism, sprinkle with sunshine and you get IDLETHEORYBUS. The pair quit their jobs in 2012 and took to the road, documenting their escape from modern life and the creation of a new style of living.

travel instagram


Brooke Saward, is a 24 year old with very restless feet and a deep desire to see everything the world has to offer. Brooke documents her travel, exploration, lifestyle tips, motivation, DIY projects, recipes and more via both her excellent Instagram feed and her main blog. She is lucky to be living a life everyone dreams of living, but only very few get to experience.

travel instagram


ROADTRIPPERS is a service to help you plan your very own epic journey. They specialise in detailing often overlooked landmarks, “off the beaten track” locations and the worlds most unique locations. Their site is a one stop shop for planning, booking and navigating your very own adventure. If this list inspires you, then it’s great place to start discovering where you want to go next.



Wedding photographer turned globe trotting photographer Kirsten loves food, fashion & travel and wants to inspire you love life as much as she does. When she’s not roaming the world Kirsten blogs from NYC where she shares her life, love of photography and the magic that surrounds it.

travel instagram


Emily & Corey accompanied by their faithful puppy Penny Rose left home three years ago, so far they’ve travelled 60,000+ miles, visited 46 states and show no signs of slowing down. They’re on a quest to answer the question “Is it possible to live an adventurous nomadic lifestyle and work remotely?” so far the answer seems to be… HELL YEAH!

Inspired? I am. I can’t wait to add more of my travel adventures into my own Instagram feed, check out everyone above and follow their amazing adventures. Whilst your at it, you should follow me as well 🙂 – INSTAGRAM.COM/GRILLSANDSPILLS