Forest Road Brewing Company

Craft breweries and new beers pop up all the time these days, it has never been easier to get started and our thirst for variety is stronger than ever. So how would we even start picking who we feature? Well in the case of Forest Road Brewing Company and their signature brew “WORK Pale Ale”, their new promo video outlining how the company came in to fruition was a good start.

Ok, we’re not that lazy, we’ve been recommended this beer many times in the last few months and had the pleasure of knocking back a couple of bottles – the video is a nice cherry on top. The beer is moving fast and popping up all over London, many thanks to experience and passion of head brewer Pete, who worked tirelessly to perfect the bright crisp flavour. Not content with creating an awesome beer, the team are looking to expand their offering, move their operation into East London (they’re currently brewing in Belgium) and open a Forest Road brewpub – 2017 is going to be an interesting year for them.


Check out the video below and for more Forest Road head to FORESTROAD.CO.UK

Apologies if you’re on mobile, it’s a Facebook video and their embed code sucks.