5 X Spooky Scary… Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails

The best bars & restaurants, six must have pairs of socks or just things on a list. We’ve all read the piles of lists that float around the web all claiming to be definitive guides to everything from cool dinosaurs to 90’s TV shows. Well, you’re about to read some more (hopefully).

The idea behind the Grills & Spills ‘Checklists‘ are that I offer however many pretty damn cool versions of whatever we’re talking about. No particular order, no bias, just good things I’ve seen, tried, loved and think you’ll also love.

So, what’s on todays list? Halloween Cocktails! It’s that spooky scary time of year again where we all get dressed up as ghouls, goblins or the flavour of month pop culture reference (*cough* Harambe *cough*). But unlike when we were kids, we no longer go door to door looking for candy, we now go bar to bar looking for sweet ass cocktails. So here’s five spooky halloween cocktails I found which you can either make at home or drunkenly SCREAAAMMM at your favourite bartender to make for you…

Zombie Cocktail


Not spooky in the way it looks, but spooky in name and do I really need a good excuse to break out this Don The Beachcomber Tiki classic. Just be careful, just like a real Zombie this cocktail has the ability to really bite you in ass if you encounter too many at once.

Contains: Jamaican Rum, Gold Puerto Rican Rum, 151-proof Demerara Rum, Herbsaint or Pernod, Falernum, Donn’s Mix, Grenadine & Angostura Bitters

Get the full recipe at IMBIBEMAGAZINE.COM

Halloween cocktails


A blood orange twist on a classic is always welcome. But what better time of year than to really emphasis the BLOOD element of the fruit’s name. Because if there’s a way to keep your seasonal cocktail perfectly balanced whilst providing a tedious tie in link to the occasion, then that’s miles better than throwing piles of sugar and ‘just because’ ingredients into a glass and hoping for the best.

Contains: Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Blood Orange & Salt

Get the full recipe at DELISH.COM

Halloween Cocktails


The signature cocktail of the world famous Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York – where its Halloween all year long. The name not only comes from the pivotal scene in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, it also comes from the sneak-up effect the drink can have on its “victim” – one second your fine, then you stand up and your legs fail to work.

Contains: Light Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Orange Juice, Strawberry Puree & Ice

Get the full recipe at DELISH.COM

Halloween Cocktails


A seasonal riff on a classic Flip with two sources of Pumpkin flavour. What would October be without a mild freakout over Pumpkin spiced flavouring rearing it’s head. Wether you’re in the “OMG OMG PUMPKIN LATTES ARE BACK” camp or the “FFS, my instagram is full of such basic people” camp, this is one tasty drink.

Contains: Bourbon, Amaretto, Pumpkin Ale, Agave Nectar, Pumpkin Butter & A Whole Egg.

Get the full recipe at LIQUOR.COM

Halloween Cocktails


Popularized by the 1930’s Savoy Cocktail Book, this classic cocktail is part of a series of “Corpse Revivers” originally devised as hangover cures to resurrect your soul after a late night of zombified behaviour.

Contains: Gin, Cocchi Americano or Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, Lemon Juice & Absinthe

Get the full recipe at SAVEUR.COM

Inspired? I am, try these Halloween Cocktails out for yourself and let us know what you think. For more great checklists stay tuned to GRILLSANDSPILLS.COM