Hot Ones X Action Bronson

Action Bronson Hot Ones

First We Feast‘s spicy-wing-challenge Hot Ones has quickly become one of my favourite web series. The concept is super simple, take some tasty wings, douse them in increasingly spicy hot sauce and then interview a celebrity whilst they try and eat them.

Their latest guest is one fans have been requesting for a long time, Mr. Wonderful himself Action Bronson. Rapper, former chef and the host of Viceland‘s “F**k That’s Delicious”, he smokes and drinks his way through an increasing level of heat. If you’re not familiar with Action, his unapologetic no pretension approach to everything he does has become a welcome relief to the culinary world, a truly talented chef that genuinely doesn’t give two fucks about what any one else thinks. His talent and attitude has afforded him the opportunity to rub shoulders with the worlds best chefs and become one of cookings most unlikely stars.

Check out the episode below and for more Hot Ones head to their YOUTUBE CHANNEL.