Oh My! Amazon Go is Coming

Amazon Go Video

“Amazon Go” as explained in the video below is Amazon’s first foray into their vision of the perfect brick and mortar store. The key to whole operation is the slogan “Just Walk Out”, no checkouts, no lines & no messing about. You walk into the store scan the app, pick up what you want/need and as you exit your Amazon Prime account gets charged – essentially, legal shoplifting.

Company employees can already shop at the first store near their headquarters in Seattle, which will be open to the public early next year. Rumour has it there is up to 2000 more additional locations planned for the future.

The video doesn’t give away too much into how the whole thing works, proclaiming that it just does…followed by a series of buzzwords and technobabble, that i’m sure means something to someone. The whole thing is pretty exciting and i’m curious to see how it pans out. There’s nothing worse than standing in supermarket queues.

Check out the Amazon Go video below and let me know what you think. For more info head to AMAZON.COM