UPDATE #1 – Xmas Cocktails, Realistic Pokemon & Weird Comics

I’ve been looking for a way to include a selection of finds & links on the blog without interfering with the more organised and structured category system i’ve got going on. I’ve finally settled on the idea of a Monday morning “week in review” type post. This way, I can include a selection of additional “bits” without having to categorise them or fearing that they would appear “off-brand”.

Additionally this will force me to update the blog more, making sure additional pieces appear in-between each update will be key and it’ll force me to become more personal with my approach – something i’m working on.

So what have I been reading/watching doing this week?

Vintage Pop Up Cinema Co

Pop Up Cinema

First up, I posted about the Vintage Pop Up Cinema Co a couple of weeks ago. A project which was launching in my city of Nottingham this December. I managed to get a great little sneak peak of the venue before it opened and on Friday I got the chance to see everything finished and in full force. You can check out a gallery of photos on their official Facebook and if you’re Notts based there a few screenings left.

Super Realistic Pokemon

Realistic Pokemon

Found these on The Daily Dot, Joshua Dunlop’s insanely detailed Pokemon Fan art. Using Photoshop, Keyshot & the digital modeling platform 3D-Coat, Dunlop reimagined Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle as if they were real animals. You can see Pikachu above and for more of his realistic Pokemon follow him on INSTAGRAM.

Regurgitating Frogs

Thanks to VOX I learnt how David Blaine does his regurgitating frogs bit that he’s been doing recently, surprisingly enough, it’s exactly how I thought he did it…Check the video above for more info.

Glow in the dark, double exposure murals

Glow In The Dark Murals

Thanks to Booooooom I discovered the RESKATE studio team and their incredible artwork. Including these glow in the dark, double exposure murals. For more info head to BOOOOOOOM.COM

Why were comics so weird in the 60’s?

Why were older comics just that much more off the wall? Why was Superman such a dick during this time? Was there really a comic about a gigantic penis that attacked NYC? Well, the folks over at Polygon shed some light on how the Comic’s Code impacted the creative output of the medium during this time.

Christmas Cocktails!

Christmas Cocktails

I put together three Christmas cocktails to be served over the next 3 weeks, sponsored by Hi-Spirits brands, you can find these at Das Kino in Nottingham. The “Winter Sour” is particularly tasty, a spruced up seasonal Amaretto sour that works soooo well. Miss it and you’re missing out. Fancy the recipe? I might put it up this week 🙂

Sooo, that was the bulk of this week, i’m sure there was more, but I wasn’t been particularly thorough with my notes last week. This will be something i’ll be developing over time. Whats on the cards for this week? Well, Christmas meal on tuesday with the office from my day job. Some last minute Christmas shopping and a relaxing time over Christmas as I head back to my hometown for a couple of days.