MUCHA Liga Tequila

Luchador Tequila

I don’t know how many times I’ll preface a post on Grills about how I’m a sucker for good branding or a unique set of packaging – but i’m guessing… quite a lot, we’re probably already in double figures.

Well, the latest drool worthy packaging design I’m obsessed with comes from MUCHA LIGA tequila. As usual, I haven’t had the chance to try the product yet, so no comments on how the liquid holds up. But… look at those bottles! Combining Luchador masks with a geometric Crystal Head inspired design has made for an awesome combination.

There’s three colours representing three fictional Lucha legends and three expressions. The blue mask (Bravo) for the Blanco, Red (Canibal) for Reposado, White (Invicto) for Anejo and a black mask that hasn’t been assigned a character or expression yet – here’s hoping it’s a super smoky Mezcal.

Check out some images below and for more info head to MUCHALIGA.COM.MX


Lucha Tequila Bottle