BrewDog’s “Beer Hotel” The DogHouse opens in Columbus, Ohio

After a successful crowdfunding campaign the Brewdog team have opened the doors to their new “Beer Hotel” at their US brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Dubbed the ‘hoppiest place on Earth’ the hotel will act as an immersive playground for beer fans around the world.

If you fancy a few nights eating, sleeping and living beer – literally, you’ll have a choice of 32 rooms, including the master 460 sq ft Punk suite. Each room has a fully stocked beer fridge, beer on tap & an additional shower fridge – for those in need of a soaped up early morning sud. Want to bring your pooch? No problem, just like their bars, The Doghouse is pup friendly, with four specially designed rooms to accommodate your four legged friend.

Excited yet? Alongside all the in-room activity, no modern “hipster” hotel would be complete without a fully kitted common area for that hostel style vibe with both ping pong & beer pong. In addition to the in room craft beer escapism, they’ve also recently unveiled an on-site, interactive beer museum. The 6,000 sq ft space provides a journey through the brewing process, a deep dive into the history of craft beer, and a hands-on experience of ‘the fundamental four’ ingredients that contribute to the creation of a craft beer.

You can check out the “beer hotel” interiors and launch teaser video below. For more info head to BREWDOG.COM